Commercial Roofing Replacement

Santa Rosa Residential Roofing Repair

Every commercial building in Santa Rosa, CA needs a strong foundation beneath it, but it also needs a reliable roof above. At Titan Roofing and Construction, we take pride in our decades-long history of providing the best commercial roof repair and replacement in Santa Rosa, CA.

There are numerous reasons that you can’t delay your roofing replacement on a commercial building in Santa Rosa, CA, including:

  • Leaks can lead to serious damage and hazards
  • Left unchecked, leaking roofs can create even larger, more expensive problems
  • Handling repairs early on ensures that you don’t have to shut down your business for more extensive repairs
  • A leaking or damaged roof can ruin the overall presentation and image of a commercial building and the owner or business operating in it – it looks far less professional

In other words, taking care of a roof replacement project in Santa Rosa, CA as soon as you can is an absolute must. And at Titan Roofing and Construction, it’s something that our team takes very seriously.

The Unique Challenges Of Commercial Roof Replacement

California is a unique state. Not only does it have a tremendously complex climate, with heavy rains mingling with winds and high levels of sun and heat, but the commercial properties here run the gamut. You’ll find old buildings, new construction, sloped commercial roofs, flat roofs, and more. There are also single story strip malls alongside high rise buildings. But they all have one thing in common – the need for a reliable roof. And that’s what we focus on giving every single one of our clients when we take on a project for them.

Commercial roofing replacement in particular brings with it its own set of challenges. These include things like:

  • Working on high roofs including multiple story structures
  • Dealing with flat roofs
  • Retrofitting older style roof designs with newer options
  • Completing work without disrupting business operations

In short, you need to rest easy knowing that your commercial roofing replacement is being handled by the professionals. And that is exactly what our Santa Rosa team provides.

The Titan Roofing and Construction Difference

At Titan Roofing and Construction, we take pride in providing the best service that your money can buy. It’s why we’re the number one roofing contractor in Santa Rosa, CA, and our approach provides you with everything you deserve and more. Some of the key things that help us stand out include:

  • Our team can handle any type of commercial roofing replacement. From old buildings to new ones, retro-fits to a basic replacement, flat roof to low-slope, our roofing professionals have done it all.
  • We have the latest tools and techniques and are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
  • We offer the best quality and the best guarantees for your project, no matter how difficult it might seem.
  • We’re one of California top roofing contractors, and every project that we take on we focus on ensuring that we live up to that standard.

Simply put, our Santa Rosa roofing professionals offer the best roofing results money can buy. For any commercial roofing project in Santa Rosa, CA, we can help. Contact us today at 707-495-8685 to learn more.