Santa Rosa Composition Shingles

Your Santa Rosa, CA home involves a lot of different things, and each of them needs to work at its best in order to ensure that your property gives you everything that it should. At Titan Roofing and Construction, we believe that not only is your roof an incredibly important part of the home, but so is your attic insulation. While the right roofing can help lower energy costs, few things will impact this in the same way that a well-insulated attic can.

In fact, according to Energy Star, good insulation in your attic could reduce as much as 20% of your energy bill. That’s a huge number, and it’s well worth letting the professionals ensure that your Santa Rosa, CA home’s attic is insulated properly. Our experts can give you a free inspection to tell you how your insulation is working – or if it needs an upgrade.

Insulation Basics

First, it’s worth understanding the basics of insulation. Insulation is designed to help slow or stop the heat transfer that occurs in a home. Poor insulation allows your home’s cool or warm air to escape out into the world, which in turn means that you have to continually run your heating and air unit to keep the home cool. And while wall insulation is important as well, a poorly insulated home ends up losing about 40% of its conditioned air through the attic.

R Values are the key here, and the higher the R Value, the higher your level of insulation is and the more it will protect your home from these issues. R-60 is the recommended minimum amount you want for attics. That translates to roughly 18 inches of insulation. And it may surprise you just how few homes in Santa Rosa, CA out there actually have this level of insulation in place.

The Titan Roofing and Construction Difference

At Titan Roofing and Construction, we’ve teamed up with the top energy efficiency experts in Santa Rosa, CA – to ensure that we can keep our customers’ homes protected from energy loss.

The process begins with an inspection. Our Santa Rosa team will quickly check your home’s attic to see if it needs additional insulation. If it does, we’ll provide you with a quick estimate as to cost. We use a blown-in insulation option instead of the usual rolled up bats that are placed in attics.

This blown in system breaks up the insulation and fluffs it as it’s blown throughout the attic. This ensures that there are millions of air pockets throughout the insulation, giving it maximum insulation properties. And it also fills every nook and cranny of the Santa Rosa attic perfectly.

There is no mess involved, and our expert installers in Santa Rosa, CA can usually complete an entire attic insulation in less than 2 hours, giving you fast turnaround times and leaving you with an attic that will lower your energy costs in a big way.

If you’re ready to get the kind of insulation that your Santa Rosa home needs, we’re ready to provide it to you. Contact us today at 707-495-8685 for a free estimate and attic analysis.