Did you know that summertime temperatures in an attic with poor ventilation can exceed 160 degrees? Combine this with vapors and condensation due to poor ventilation and it becomes apparent that this is a serious problem. Just how serious? Consider some of the problems that it can lead to:

  • Hot air building up in the attic until it penetrates down into the living area of your home
  • Premature aging and damage to the shingles of your roof
  • Warping and cracking of your framing
  • Damage to siding or paint
  • Mildew growth
  • Buckling of shingles
  • Higher energy bills

When your Santa Rosa attic is ventilated properly, it helps move hot air out of the attic and as a result helps reduce the load on your AC system. This improves longevity of your system while also reducing overall cooling costs.

Additionally, the moisture from your home’s appliances and showers can lead to higher levels of moisture within the attic. And if your attic isn’t vented properly, that leads to major buildup of moisture which can fall onto the insulation. When this occurs, the insulation’s effectiveness is greatly reduced.

Getting Better Ventilation

So what makes an attic well-ventilated? Essentially, you want a continuous flow of air to occur. Soffits or eaves should bring air into the attic, which is then expelled through the roof ridge vents. The FHA recommends at least 1 square foot of ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space in order to receive the best results.

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