Marin County Roofers

Marin County roofing contractors

From simple leak repairs to complete roof replacements, our Marin County roofing contractors have served hundreds of customers across Marin County.

We’re not only master roofers, but we’re also construction experts with nearly 20 years in the business. Here’s why you should choose Titan Roofing and Construction for residential and commercial roof replacements and roof repairs in Marin County:

Quality Workmanship

Details matter when it comes to roofing. Small leaks are notorious for becoming big headaches. Even a few missing or poorly installed shingles or roof tiles can spell trouble down the line. Our Marin County roofers have the experience to spot even the smallest problems. You can feel confident knowing your roof will be repaired right the first time.

Experienced Installers

Each one of our roofers in Marin County is professionally trained and experienced in all aspects of roof design, repair, and installation. Many of our installers are second or third generation roofers who learned from the best. This kind of expertise is hard-earned from real-world experience. When you choose Titan Roofing, you get the peace of mind of knowing experts are on the job.

Thorough Inspections

Our Marin County roof repair team starts each project with a thorough inspection. We don’t just look at the area of your roof that’s causing problems, we do a full inspection to make certain no other issues exist. Then we provide a detailed breakdown of exactly what needs to be repaired and the expected costs. 

No-Mess Roofers

Some roofing companies leave behind a mess when they leave. Leftover debris and materials like nails, asphalt, and flashing can be dangerous to people and pets. Our team takes special care to tidy up each day, and we do a final sweep of the roof and your property before we leave. Your safety is our priority.

Affordable Pricing

Our Marin roofing company offers quality work at affordable rates. We’ve been in the roofing business for nearly two decades. Over the years, we’ve established a network of connections with materials suppliers. This helps us keep costs down for our customers.

Marin County Roofing Contractors

Need roofing in Marin County? Count on Titan Roofing and Construction for everything from emergency residential repairs to commercial reroofing. Our team can also handle roof-related carpentry and sheet metal work, such as installing new flashings and fixing dry rot.

Call us today at 707-606-1327 for a free roofing estimate.