Commercial Roofing Repair

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Commercial properties in Santa Rosa, CA areas often need maintenance and upkeep, and the California weather can have a big impact on any building’s roof. That’s why Titan Roofing and Construction proudly offers commercial roofing repair for any size property in the commercial sector. We’re one of the top roofers in the Santa Rosa, CA region. That level of excellence is something we take seriously, and that we apply to every commercial job.

Commercial properties bring unique challenges compared to residential roofs. First of all, it’s a critical part of your company’s success. Whether you’re a building manager or owner, a leaking or damaged roof can reduce the value of the Santa Rosa property and make it harder to rent, sell, or even do business. And of course, the leaking roof can make a business operating in a building seem far less than professional.

The Unique Challenges Of Commercial Roofs

Our Santa Rosa team specializes in the unique challenges that come with commercial roofing repair, and understands each facet involved in a solid repair. There are numerous challenges specific to commercial repair jobs, including:


Construction in a publicly visited location


Low slope roof repair


Flat roof leaks


And more

And to make things worse, improper roof repair or installation in Santa Rosa, CA remains the number one problem that leads to roof leaks today. A single repair done incorrectly ends up costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in the future – all to fix a simple issue that could have been done right the first time. This showcases one basic thing – letting the pros take over first is the key to success and less overall expense.

The Titan Roofing and Construction Difference

Our Santa Rosa team begins every project by reviewing and inspecting the roof. We don’t just look at the area giving you trouble – we do a full inspection to make certain no other issues exist. Then, we give you a detailed breakdown of how we’ll repair it and what your costs are expected to be, roughly. There are numerous different types of commercial roofs in Santa Rosa, CA being used today, and the older gravel style roofs of the past are slowly giving way to newer designs and technologies. But no matter your roof type, our team has more than 40 years of experience in handling the repairs on it.

Our team has the skillset and experience needed to complete even the biggest, toughest commercial roofing repairs or replacements in Santa Rosa, CA. We take pride in our history of excellence, and are ready to help you. If your commercial property is leaking in any way, contact us today. There’s nobody better out there.


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